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Thermoforming solutions

COLIMATIC SPA offers a full range of customized thermoforming packaging equipment solutions, to meet the most diverse food and medical industry requirements.

The COLIMATIC Brand was born in 1973 thanks to the passion of Mr. Franco Libretti for optimization and industrial innovation; this brought a small company to expand in a few years, to become a true leader in the field.

After nearly half a century of success and continuous developments, we consider ourselves a big family, devoted to those professional values, which allow us to approach our customers as a partner, as well as a supplier.

Thermoforming machines are the Coligroup’s core business. Labeling, printing & dosing systems together with the most modern robotic feeding applications are our optional features, which make our packaging systems complete, efficient and unique! All COLIMATIC machines are designed and exclusively personalized according to our customers exact requirements.

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