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Used for a variety of perishable food products, a high barrier rollstock film offers excellent oxygen and liquid barrier properties for the complete protection of the contents. Vacuum packaging reduces and delays bacteria growth thereby increasing shelf life of the products packed.

Rollstock films are used in automated, in-line packaging lines for high volume industrial packaging offering a fast, attractive alternative to the conventional packaging using vacuum pouches. The films are available from G&K either  for thermoforming- (lidding & base) or form-fill-seal applications/equipment.

All films are available in soft flexible films (60-200mic) and semi-rigid films (200-400mic) depending on product packed and required presentation. Rigid films can be used for MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) applications either as a normal self-supporting tray or alternatively even as a “skin pack” solution for very attractive, almost 3-dimensional display of your products.

Many other customized solutions (paper-like, skin & lid double pack, reverse printing, etc.) are available and can be supplied on demand.

Ideal for:

  • All fresh meat, fish & cheese products, sliced processed meats, bacon, sausages etc.


  • Various unprinted sizes are available ex stock
  • Available in standard widths – custom sizes can be slit to size.
  • The standard colour for lidding and base films is clear/transparent as standard – many other colours and design effects on request
  • Easy peel and re-sealable solutions available on demand
  • All lidding films can be custom printed to meet your requirements


  • Excellent gas and water vapor barriers
  • Optimum, aesthetic product presentation through high degree of transparency
  • Very good machine compliance for exceptional ease of processing with ALL market related rollstock/thermoforming & FFS packaging machines.
  • Optimum, constant product protection through controlled residual wall thicknesses, even when used to package items with extreme shapes
  • Very good temperature consistency for “sous-vide”, microwaving, freezing applications

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